The Real

Jay Wheeler



This site is a clearing house, dedicated to revealing the real Jay Wheeler to the Citizens Of Osceola County and Central Florida.  All of the linked information below details the true charactor and personality of Jay Wheeler. As a career politician, he tirelessly promotes himself and would not like the voters to learn of his darker side. Feel free to forward this web site to any interested parties. 








2014 Ethics Complaint Filed Against Wheeler

    ""Good Faith Estimate" is not an Appraisal

Do Documents Prove More Election Violations

    Like He Says, He's Been Doing this a Long Time   

Can Campaign Contributions Create Big Contracts? 

    You Be the Judge

Election Law Violations 

    Wheeler Admits to Twenty-One of Forty-Four counts

Voters Trust Violated 

    Will Wheeler Repeat Himself?

Florida Statute 286.011 Violation

    Wheeler attempts to conspire with Friend

Another Florida Statute 286.011 Violation

    Wheeler Directs Citizen to Influence Board Again

Florida Public Records Violations?

    Time will tell if Wheeler is in Violation of this Law 

Was There Election Violations in 2006?

    It appears Wheeler converted funds then too

Abandonment of Position and Duties

    Wheeler Censured for skipping 5 meetings and leaving 11, in less than a year

Disregard for School Board Policy    

    Wheeler Censured Again for Rules Vilations

Conduct Unbecoming a School Board Member

    Wheeler Censured for a Third Time

Continued Unethical Behavior

    Wheeler's Emails to Thwart DOE Investigation

Was Policy 7.7 Violated?

    Did Wheeler "Communicate" while accepting $500   

Even More Policy Violations

    Wheeler's Private Emails Blocked from District

Did Wheeler Violate Florida Statute 5100.1?

    Student Information Sent to Media

As I See It OR Plagiarism

    Wheeler purlions to Impress

Tainting the Superintendent's Review

    Wheeler can't Move On

Contributions or Business Expense?

    You get what you pay for with Wheeler

Contributions or Business Expense,2

    Is this how to get Future Contracts?

Contributions or Business Expense,3

    Wheeler Votes Against the Will of the Citizens to Help Contributer

Misuse of Position?

    Wheeler Violates Board Policy and Escapes Ethics Commission   

Total Lack of Morals

    Wheeler is Willing to Look the Other Way with Your Tax Dollars

Taxpayers Fund Home Internet Costs

    Wheeler Keeps This Little Secret from the Public

Taxpayers Pay for Laptop Computer

    Students go Without so Wheeler Can Have Laptop

Greedy, Career Politician

    Why Do We Pay for Wheeler to Eat and Other Perks

Anything Goes in the Good Old Days

    Wheeler wants to return to the Way it Was

Political Grandstanding and Cashing In    

    Watch What Wheeler Does, Not What He Says

Court Order Granting Attorney Fees

    Wheeler Ordered to Pay $1,785.00    

2011 Form 6 Full & Public Disclosure Failure  

    Did Wheeler Overstate his 2011 Net Worth by $150,400?

2012 Form 6 Full & Public Disclosure Failure

    Did Wheeler Overstate his 2012 Net Worth by $170,000?  

Worthless Promises

    Wheeler's Word Worthless

Construction Rubber Stamp

    Wheeler Never Looks Past Name on Contract 

Truth In Advertising 

    Wheeler scams District 1 voters

Un-Paid Political Advertising 

    Did Wheeler fail to report this on campiagn report

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    Wheeler Vanity Sidesteps the Truth

Selling Out Citizens for Campaign Cash?

    Wheeler Helping Developer over Citizens  





























Wheeler Diverts Campaign funds for Sons Party

    10 February, 2014- Channel 9 News

Is This How a School Board Chairman Should Act?

    22 August, 2013- Channel 9 and Channel 13 News

Do you think Osceola County School Board member Jay Wheeler should step down as chairman?

    11 May 2013- Osceola News-Gazette

Policy Change Request Made by Wheeler FOR Wheeler

    11 May 2013- Osceola News-Gazette

Wheeler Proves He Cannot Keep His Word

    08 May 2013- Osceola News-Gazette

Wheeler says taxpayers should his pay legal fees

    07 May 2013 WFTV News

The Days of Fear, Intimidation & Interference Continue

    07 May 2013- WFTV News

Wheeler's Faults on Display

    07 May 2013 WFTV News

Wheeler Attempts to Block DOE Investigation

    17 April 2013- WESH News

Could Similar Civil Lawsuit Over Wheeler's Public Records Happen?

    12 March 2013- Bradenton Herald 

Wheeler supports the potential loss of $6,130 at Celebration HS

    12 March 2013- Osceola News-Gazette

Self Serving Rule Changes Against Citizen's Wishes

    19 January 2013- Osceola News-Gazette

Wheeler Demands Annual Tax on Gun Owners

    14 January 2013- Orlando Sentinel

Wheeler Slams Door on Reporter Over Safety Questions

    18 December 2012- Channel 9 News

School Board Votes to Censure Wheeler

    05 April 2012- Osceola News-Gazette

Gazette Urges Voters to oust Wheeler

    30 March 2012- Osceola News-Gazette
Wheeler Under Fire for Leaving Meetings

    29 March 2012- WFTV Channel 9 News

Wheeler's Transgressions Revealed

    02 March 2012 Osceola News-Gazette Letter

Wheeler Tainted, Good Luck

    05 May 2012- Osceola News-Gazette

Flagler County School Officials Believe Wheeler a Joke

    10 January 2012

Call for Resignation Was on the Mark

    04 January 2012 Osceola News-Gazette Letter

Time to Resign- Opinion

    16 December 2011 Osceola News-Gazette

Wheeler pays $17,000 for Election Violations

    12 December 2011 Osceola News-Gazette

Wheeler's Shameful Conduct- Opinion

    21 October 2011- Osceola News-Gazette

Wheeler Demands Taxpayers Pay His Legal Bills

  19 October 2011- Osceola News-Gazette

Are You Kidding Me?

    08 September 2011- Osceola News-Gazette Letter

Gazette Demands Wheeler Apologize

    03 September 2011 - Osceol News-Gazette Opinion

Horn Advice to Wheeler: Resign Now

    01 September 2011- Osceola News-Gazette

Wheeler Refuses to Attend Hearings

    21 May 2011- Osceola News Gazette

Probable Cause Hearing Set for Wheeler

    21 April 2011- Osceola News-Gazette

Did Wheeler Deceive Voters? 

    09 February 2011 Osceola-News Gazette

Wheeler will Continue to Bully

    27 January 2011 Osceola News-Gazette

Wheeler Needs to Grow Up- Opinion

    13 January 2011- Osceola News-Gazette 

Wheeler's Inappropriate on Air Rant

    04 October 2010- Channel 9 News

Wheeler Pulls race card and Refuses to Answer Questions

    09 August 2010- Channel 9 News

School Board Member Investigated

    10 March 2010 Orlando Sentinel

This Campaign Unacceptable- Opinion

    04 December 2009- Osceola-News Gazette

Wheeler Ordered to Remove Banners

    04 December 2009- Osceola-News Gazette

Wheeler took personal opinions too far

      April 24, 2008- WFTV Channel 9 News
    February 24, 2008 Orlando Sentinel